Sunsets and Karaoke

Lisa and I did not want to cook. It was a Friday evening and we still have Fridays wired in our minds as date night. So, we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat, when we decided to ask our neighbors to go with us.  Heck, maybe they could make up our minds. This was not the first time we’ve been out with them. This was the first time we took them on a little detour. Oh it all started out innocent enough with a simple invite and going to eat at the local Mexican Restaurant. It turned out that our neighbor Nancy had just been on the local news. It wasn’t a report about tornadoes and she wasn’t comparing them to freight trains or discussing the particulars of her brother Bubba’s narrow escape from death. As a preschool teacher she had arranged the surprise reunion of one of the children in her class with his father returning from active duty over seas. She also managed to pull the wool over Grandma’s eyes too. Our local news covered the story and thus our Nancy enjoyed her small bit of celebrity.  So, the invite was accepted and the outing seemed to be turning into a normal good ole go have a nice dinner with friends and then go home occasion.

Little River Grill

Sunset View from Little River Grill

Well, it occurred to me that Bill and Nancy may have missed a local joint where we could watch the sunset across the lake and enjoy a night cap. Just a tiny little detour, no big deal right? The Little River Grill and Sports Bar is located on Lake Allatoona at Little River Landing. It has multiple decks, and inside and screen porch dinning. There are 2 separate Bars and opportunities to watch all your televised sports on multiple flat screens. We grabbed a beverage and a seat with a view  and watched the day fall into the lake.

As I said,  we already had dinner so we didn’t try the menu. However, a guy at the bar was served a dish that caught Nancy’s eye. I believe it was part of a standing rib roast. The young man offered Nancy a taste and she hesitatingly took a bite. Her eyes lit up and I knew she was pleasantly surprised at the taste. One little bite does not guarantee that the entire menu is delicious, but to get a standing rib roast to taste good indicates the rest of the menu has a lot of potential.

Mean while we noticed there was karaoke on the lawn, so we decided to mosey over. Shame on us, but we were guessing we would get a real laugh out of the various folks queued up to entreat us with their melodious voices in such an out of the way location. We were dead wrong. What we heard was person after person walking up and hitting it out of the park. In a word, those folks could sing. I mean sing well enough to raise the eyebrows and put the hands together of Bill, a known tough critic. Now with all this talent it occurred to Lisa and Nancy that there was a lack of back up vocals. So, they rectified that little over site and performed the doo whap role and did a passable job with their choreography too .

After closing down the place we took a short walk down to the docks and rescued a little duck from being bullied by a big mean looking white duck that felt he didn’t get enough of his part of the bread. Then we loaded up in The Breeze and headed for home. I love unexpected pleasant surprises. This night was full of them.





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Father, Husband, Son and Brother.... and yes I'm also a Son-In-Law. I have a strange hobby, I research and photograph cemeteries and the monuments within them. I ride a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom it gives me and my wife and I love to go 'Detouring'. That is taking a direction and looking for fun and interesting places.
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