Traveling on a Breeze

Lisa and I have owned everything from a Vega to a Mini-Van to move the Cash Clan from place to place. And we’ve loved and despised all of them at one time or another.

minivan 1987

The Cash Clan’s Super Bus! 1987 Chrysler MiniVan

1972 Vega

Our Vega was lost to a sudden rear impact, but this is how chose to remember it.

However, our latest acquisition has been if not the catalyst, at least the enabler of our Detouring. We bought a Truck. But not just any truck, we purchased a brand new Metallic Blue Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab. I say “we” now because at the time this was simply a Neal purchase. There was not much Lisa in it until the deal was done. And now that it is done, there is a whole lot more Lisa in this truck than I thought. She has made sure our “go bag” is at the ready. She has a pair of water shoes tucked under the seat for those pop up water hazards right next to my hiking boots. I have added the obligatory flashlight, ropes and maps, she’s added the wine opener, toilet paper, trash bag, pen and who knows what else in “her” glove box. We really Love “our” Truck.

We were on our way to St. Louis to see my daughter and son-in-law and  Call Me The Breeze played and sung by Lynyrd Skynyrd came over the radio. Didn’t take three bars and a hammer hitting me on the head to name our truck, The Breeze. Some would say its not really official until I have an airbrushed license plate with The Breeze on it. Be that as it may, The Breeze is our Detour buddy that comfortably carts Lisa and I around the back roads in Southern Comfort.

2012 Chevy

The Breeze


About Neal

Father, Husband, Son and Brother.... and yes I'm also a Son-In-Law. I have a strange hobby, I research and photograph cemeteries and the monuments within them. I ride a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom it gives me and my wife and I love to go 'Detouring'. That is taking a direction and looking for fun and interesting places.
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