Endings and Beginnings

Lisa and I have been avoiding pot holes for a long time. For the last 30 plus years we’ve tried hard to stay between the ditches while riding on our own little family freeway. With our three kids, any amount of navigational leeway seemed to end up with more mess, more whining and frankly more trouble than it was worth.  That is not to say we shielded our kids from road trips. We took them on lots of traveling adventures, but most of the time they were well orchestrated field trips with timely beginnings and endings. Snacks were packed, stops planned and routes, complete with ETAs, were closely and lovingly adhered to. It was the only way to go with family in tow.

Well this is not about nice and neat little tours. There are no timelines, no maps, no routes and no rules. This story is about detouring. It is about seeing a road and taking it, turning around at a dead end, it’s about retracing roads and just going in a general direction. And if we get lost, we just pull over somewhere and ask directions! Its little adventures and roadside risk taking. It is what Lisa and I call, De-touring.

This is the end of us raising and being responsible for kids and the beginning of Lisa and I experiencing some freedom. I’ve told my kids we did not stay together for all these years for you, we’ve stayed together in spite of you! They don’t really see the humor in my joke. Nevertheless, we want to invite each of you to come along with us as we run the roads and look for a little fun and adventure on these roads less traveled…. by us anyway.

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About Neal

Father, Husband, Son and Brother.... and yes I'm also a Son-In-Law. I have a strange hobby, I research and photograph cemeteries and the monuments within them. I ride a motorcycle and enjoy the freedom it gives me and my wife and I love to go 'Detouring'. That is taking a direction and looking for fun and interesting places.
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  1. Danny says:

    Love this site!

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